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Moncho Pena


Me in 140 chars: Mainly I like programming: Node JS, PHP, Angular JS, Shell... FLOSS Fan. Linux hacker. My motto: "Give priority. Saving time. Stay focused."

I made many pages in various CMS like Wordpress, Typo3 and Drupal. Also online stores with Prestashop and Magento.

Lately I've focused my programming in Node JS. In the end I concluded that it is always best to work with an API, so I use Express JS and Mongoose to do the API and then I do frontend with Angular JS. This makes it very easy to do a mobile application using Phonegap.

Besides programming I have also experience working with systems mainly use Debian as OS. Other programs I like are Nginx and Varnish. I know too how to work with Amazon EC2.

I'm used to working with distributed teams across multiple countries, when I was working with multinational Acticall ( I had partners from Morocco, Brazil, Italy and France.

I like working with Project Managers as Redmine.

If you need develop a complex project in web or mobile please talk with us.